A little about me. 

Some background: As a child, my interests circled around nature, dancing, sketching and being curious about the world around me. I developed my creative skills when I started painting and dancing in school.

After school, I studied graphic design at CTU College. But I was fascinated with animation, and wanted to learn more about the film industry and visual effects. I then went on to study at the Open Window Institute where I got hooked on motion design.

Where I am now: Creating stories with color, sound and motion is what I now do best. Some of my work is inspired by how things grow, and the natural movement and textures of nature. Other pieces are influenced by the motion and choreography within dance.

My curiosity has developed into a love for research, which goes hand-in-hand with creating videos that are accurate and true to the core.

Where I am headed: I would like to develop more informative or documentary-style media. I want to travel and explore nature, cultures, art and science around the globe and bring that into my work. Skills I intend to develop include research, writing, producing and documentary film-making.